How to archive old user tickets and notify users that they need to open a fresh ticket instead of writing to old one

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This task could be accomplished in two steps.

1st step -  we need to setup helpdesk automation rule to archive tickets older that selected period of time for example 30 days.

Open Helpdesk->Topic types and click edit icon to add a new ticket status.

Image 19948

Then click +Add button and create and "Archived" status.

Image 19950

Set logical group "Closed" for it

Image 19951

Then go to the 

Helpdesk -> Automation -> Timer events

and create event to archive all ticket older than 30 day

Image 19952

After activation of this rule all tickets older that 30 days will be archived.

2nd step

Open  Helpdesk -> Automation ->Ticket updates

And create following rule.

Image 19953

With that rule UserEcho will notify users that they should create a new ticket if current one is older that 30 days.

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