How to make a poll on your UserEcho community

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To create a poll, first you need to create a topic. Then choose pool settings in the right action menu.

Image 6508

You can add poll variants using +Add new variant button [1]
Also you able to set additional settings for your poll, use checkboxes to turn on required ones. [2]

Find out poll example below.

Image 6509

How to put poll on dashboard?

1. Open your account settings interface.
2. Choose Dashboard layout section and then required forum.

Image 6510

3. Click on the Add module left button

Image 6511

4. Choose Poll module from the list of the available modules.

Image 6512

5. In the module settings popup choose, which poll to display from the dropdown menu [1].

Image 6513

6. Click Save [2]

Now you have poll module on the dashboard, you can set it position as usual.

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